The vast majority of domestic solar installations are residential systems, as Homeowner’s face the highest energy rates.

We offer turnkey solutions to deliver the highest savings to home owners. We do not buy expensive material packages or subcontract installation, so our costs are competitive with minimal extra charges after the proposal.

Our service includes comparative evaluation, using multiple financing options. We are not signatory with one finance product and can help you decide the best option based on your goals.

In an effort to reduce costs, the unfortunate reality is many installations are dictated by lowest price. Fierce competition in solar finance companies usually results in shopping 3rd party installer costs with low quality work by unqualified workers. Sunthurst Energy offers skilled racking and electrical craftsmen. Our Principal previously spent 10 years building multifamily housing in Portland, Oregon overseeing extensive roofing and building envelope construction. The same planning, attention to detail, and use of compatibly roof products are deployed for our residential installations.


Commercial installation is our forte. We leverage our diverse commercial and geographic experience and success on each and every project. The mantra “There’s no substitute for experience” is highly applicable in commercial solar. Many larger companies are about ‘deal flow’ rutted in schematic designs that skirt over construction details. Working with Sunthurst Energy, building owners have assurance they’re working with an EPC with experience in nearly all roof and electrical system types. We blend a careful early stage evaluations backed by veteran insight how the final product will result. Racking, raceway and penetrations, waterproofing, monitoring, logistics, serviceability are all considerations deployed in our processes.

We prefer turnkey delivery solutions where clients find ultimate value. However, we gladly complement clients with core resources, like design or procurement solutions. Our primary goal is to be your trusted partner in solar.


Sunthurst Energy offers full-cycle and supplemental services to C&I hosts, asset holding companies, and developers. Our principal served as a regional developer for two national solar companies,  and leverages study in commercial construction management and real estate to promote client’s project success. As an outside contract developer, we can evaluate leads and navigate the complexities of interconnection, entitlements, financing, and construction budgeting to drive value for your project pipeline.  Our construction capability offers value engineering with accelerated contracting, procurement, and operating assets. Our shorted delivery solutions pay large dividends as systems race for qualification under the 30% Federal Tax Credit deadline.

In certain markets, rarely competing with client’s, Sunthurst Energy is an opportunistic project developer which holds projects on balance sheet or could sell to interested portfolio investors.



We provide tailored support to augment owner and developer team resources by providing services in Development (entitlements, design development, budgeting, permit expediting, financing support) and Project Management.


EPC (Engineering, Procurement, self-installation Contracting)

  • PV solar systems – rooftop, ground mount, solar canopy
  • Energy storage
  • EV charging stations
  • Energy efficiency lighting retrofits
  • Monitoring & metering

Servicing 3rd party installed corrections, repairs, or maintenance.


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